Welcome to Avoca Beach
Chamber of Commerce

The beautiful Avoca Beach is located just over 1 hour north of Sydney on the Central Coast of NSW. A long stretch of golden sand reaches over 1 kilometre in length to North Avoca.

The beach has a magic atmosphere with room for everyone; there is no need to fight over a spot on the sand. Lifeguards patrol all summer and a large rock pool is set just below the Avoca Beach Surf Club allowing families with small children to safely enjoy the ocean.

Avoca Lake is found half way along the beach. The lake is a popular spot for canoes, paddleboats, aqua bikes, and windsurfers. Heazlett Park, beside the lake, is an excellent picnic spot.

The beach can also be enjoyed during winter. Locals often take long relaxing walks along the waters edge, followed by a fish and chip meal or a cappuccino in a local cafe.

Rock and beach fishing are very popular and often very rewarding.


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